A six-year-old blogger earned $ 11 million by shooting toy reviews on YouTube

By: Eugene Sherban | 15.12.2017, 11:47
A six-year-old blogger earned $ 11 million by shooting toy reviews on YouTube

The Washington Post released the material in   the spirit of the " success story, " which really inspires. The hero of the material   - not   start-up, who reinvented the mosquito net, and   a simple six year old boy who is very fond of toys.

His name is Ryan and   his last name is in   secret. A   how much you   still know the children who entered   Forbes list of the richest people on   youTube?

The Washington Post says that parents began to film Raine with   3 years. The first video was about   toy railway Lego Duplo, with   the details of which the kid played on   over 15   minutes. AT   then   time he   barely typed a few views, not   telling about   reposts.

Soon the boy began to play with   several toys. Interestingly, the more toys were in   frame, the more views were obtained. A powerful surge of views was due to a viral video, in   which Ryan observes at once a hundred toys. It is called so that any adult will want here   close YouTube   - " 100+ cars toys. "

After that, Ryan ToysReview pushed ahead. AT   January 2016, the channel reached a million subscribers. A year later,   became five. Now it's more than ten. Ryan's parents began to shoot more and more commercials and   went to   schedule for   video in   day. There are also more toys.

If the toy is in   10 million views, this has a huge impact on the   sale. In this case, Ryan's parents say that they buy toys themselves, and   after reviews give them   needy. Say, earn more than enough with   direct advertising on   YouTube. Although, under each video, Ryan is full of references to   toys of certain brands. Forbes claims that the boy's channel for   year earned about $ 11   million without taxes.

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The Verge calls Raine's channel a mixture of personal vlog and   video from   " Unpacking. " A   children like unpacking. AND   not   only for children. Rollers with   people who open boxes with   parcels, smartphones or perfumes are among the most   most popular videos on   YouTube. AND   Ryan in   It's fucking good. Unpacking gifts, he   not   Hurry to disclose intrigue, enhancing the sense of surprise. is he   not   compares toys   friend with   friend, and   not   trying to analyze something . Just open and   plays.

AT   than interest? " I   I also have to thank Ryan for   thirteen gifts to   My boy's birthday,   - says the mother of one of the   viewers. -   is he   just watched as Ryan plays with   all their toys, and   roared from   delight " . YouTube replaced the kids with TV. A   Ryan became their   prince.

Source: The Washington Post