Apple says that jelly effect on iPad mini 6 display is not a problem

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 29.09.2021, 11:12
Apple says that jelly effect on iPad mini 6 display is not a problem

Following the official arrival of iPad mini 6 in stores last week, customers around the world noticed an annoying "jelly scrolling" effect on the tablet's display. As it turns out, Apple has confirmed that the effect is completely normal and not a hardware issue.

What's the problem?

Editorial gg has already explained that "jelly scrolling" is when half of the display refreshes noticeably slower than the other, resulting in a wobble effect when moving content quickly. Since the release of iPad mini 6, there have been numerous reports of this, and users have started to think it could be a hardware malfunction or even a software bug.

But while this effect has bothered many users, Apple has now stated via ArsTechnica that the "jelly scrolling" effect was expected on LCD screens. The company claims that LCD panels "update line by line," which is what causes the delay.

Despite Apple's response, ArsTechnica notes that the "jelly scrolling" effect is much less noticeable on other iPad models with 60Hz LCD displays, such as the iPad Air 4 and entry-level iPads.

What's the solution?

Unfortunately, since Apple says this is expected behavior, those who bought the new iPad mini 6 and aren't happy with the display won't be able to apply for a repair or replacement. Of course, customers who don't want to live with this annoying display effect can return the iPad mini to Apple and get a full refund within 14 days of purchase. And it's the job of the gg editorial staff to warn potential buyers.

Source: arstechnica

Illustration: apple