Android 13 makes it easier to separate work and personal data

By: Dmitro Koval | 07.09.2022, 19:09
Android 13 makes it easier to separate work and personal data

The main improvements in Android 13 have affected work and play modes. According to Google, the redesigned "work profiles" of Android 13 are mainly tied to last year's improvements in Android 12, and are designed to separate personal user data from work data. In this way, the device's performance increases.

One of the new improvements in Android 13 allows users to specify in which profile to open a particular application. This can be useful so that, for example, corporate videos from YouTube do not end up in personal recommendation lists. You can also create two galleries for personal photos and photos of corporate use.

Android 13 also adds smart dictation to work profile apps for Pixel users, which Google says will contain "corporate jargon dictated for work emails, outside of private chats." Meanwhile, the new central hub feature allows employees to more easily manage their devices' security and privacy settings, as well as see what data is shared with company administrators and any restrictions they have placed on devices. Administrators also have more control over Wi-Fi connectivity on devices by adding security logs for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and password actions, according to the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

Source: The Verge

Photo: Tech Advisor