Not yet deleted! Early GTA VI gameplay videos leaked online

By: Anton Kratiuk | 18.09.2022, 12:36
Not yet deleted! Early GTA VI gameplay videos leaked online

Rockstar Games is extremely responsible for their games and don't allow information leaks until they see fit to tell the public something. That's why it's surprising, that there are some gameplay demonstration videos of the early version (presumably) of GTA VI.

Here's What We Know

It's hard to say whether it's really the hotly anticipated sequel to Grand Theft Auto, but the videos leave no doubt that this is exactly the game that Rockstar is working on. Especially interesting is the first video, which shows a restaurant robbery by an unknown girl, after which she escapes from the police. And according to the information of the insiders the girl is going to be the protagonist of GTA VI.

Another confirmation that this is really GTA is the search indicator in the form of police stars. This indispensable attribute of all parts of the franchise is also present in the video.

In addition, the insider, who leaked the clips, also uploaded a document with almost 10 000 lines of GTA VI source code.

Neither the developers, nor the insiders haven't given any comments yet, which seems especially surprising. And the videos haven't been removed from YouTube yet either.