Google Stadia releases last game before closing next week

By: Dmitro Koval | 14.01.2023, 16:07
Google Stadia releases last game before closing next week

Before "going into oblivion" on January 18th, Google Stadia decided to say goodbye to players with a new game - Worm Game, which was used to test the platform's functions at its launch in 2019.

There is nothing completely new and revolutionary in the game. Worms Game resembles a subgenre of Snake games where players need to maneuver a snake around obstacles and eat some fruit. Over time, the process becomes more difficult as the snake grows and hitting its head on your body becomes harder and harder. Players can enjoy the different levels on their own or with up to four other players, or create multiple levels of their own at their leisure.

As Stadia is currently unavailable, Worm Game can be played through the native Chrome browser. The game is only available in English, but is supported in more than 20 countries. It's also a game that emotionally affects the developers more than anything else, as the description admits that it's not the game of the year, but the development team spent a lot of time on it and so they wanted to share those memories with everyone before the eventual closure.