Dead Space remake does not support Steam Deck

By: Dmitro Koval | 28.01.2023, 19:16
Dead Space remake does not support Steam Deck

The Dead Space remake, which was released just yesterday, January 27, turned out to be a good game (87 points from critics on Metacritic), but for almost one million Steam Deck users, the fact that the game does not support their console will be sad.

Here's What We Know

Currently, the game's status is listed as "unknown" on Steam Deck, and it doesn't hesitate to show it. In The Verge 's test, the game froze several times on the initial screen, and when it was possible to get to the opening scene, it "pleased" with a very low frame rate with constant drops, despite the fact that the graphics settings were set to the lowest.

So for now, if your only gaming platform is a Valve console, we wouldn't recommend buying the game.

Source: The Verge