Microsoft launches Teams Premium subscription with OpenAI-based features

By: Dmitro Koval | 03.02.2023, 13:39
Microsoft launches Teams Premium subscription with OpenAI-based features

Microsoft Teams Premium is now available with new features based on OPenAI GPT 3.5. The new tier includes an intelligent recap feature that automatically captures meeting tasks and highlights, as well as branded meeting templates and watermarks for better content protection.

Intelligent recap is a really useful feature that can make many users pay $7/month for the ability to create notes and record the main points of a meeting even if you weren't present. Everything that someone said at the meeting will be put in a separate block, and divided into topics with notes on who said what and when. When your name is mentioned, you will receive personalised timeline markers to quickly see what was discussed.

Although the subscription already includes most of the intelligent summarisation features, Microsoft says it will continue to expand the AI capabilities and the first additions should be expected in the second quarter of 2023.

Other features that may appeal to companies include advanced security, which includes watermarking, marking sensitive content, prohibiting copying text during a meeting, and more. Microsoft says that all this will help prevent "leaks" or keep discussions confidential.

Source: The Verge