ArianeGroup begins development of unmanned SUSIE spacecraft

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 23.09.2022, 20:50
ArianeGroup begins development of unmanned SUSIE spacecraft

The French company ArianeGroup, a joint venture between Safran and Aibus, announced the development of the SUSIE spacecraft.

Here's What We Know

The ship will be able to fly in manned and unmanned modes. SUSIE will be intended for missions on Arianespace rockets. The company presented its spacecraft development project at the LXXIII International Congress of Astronautics, which took place Sept. 18-22 in Paris.

SUSIE is an acronym for Smart Upper Stage for Innovative Exploration. A reusable Ariane 6 rocket will be used to launch the spacecraft. The manned version will be designed for five astronauts, and the maximum payload will vary depending on the mission objectives.

ArianeGroup intends to return SUSIE to Earth to perform maintenance and prepare for its next missions. The French company wants to use the spacecraft to service satellites, deliver equipment, and clean up space debris.

Source: space