NASA tested a robotic balloon to study Venus

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 13.10.2022, 14:33
NASA tested a robotic balloon to study Venus

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has tested a robotic balloon. The agency will develop an enlarged version of the balloon, which will be used to study Venus.

Here's What We Know

The device has been named Aerobot. Tests of the balloon took place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. NASA engineers said that the robotic balloon will be able to control the height of its flight in the atmosphere of Venus. During the test balloon will make two successful flights.

For the study of Venus balloon will move at a low altitude. This is due to the aggressive environment of the second planet of the solar system. The aerobot will encounter high pressure, high temperature and an atmosphere of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The final version of the balloon will work together with an orbiting device that will act as a repeater. During tests, the prototype was able to fly 1 kilometer above the desert, which corresponds to an altitude of 55 kilometers in the conditions of Venus. The robot will be able to remain at such an altitude for several weeks, which should be enough for scientists from NASA to obtain information for the study of the neighboring planet.

Source: Interesting Engineering