Twitter wants to sell golden ticks to companies - for $1,000 a month

By: Elena Shcherban | 05.02.2023, 13:54
Twitter wants to sell golden ticks to companies - for $1,000 a month

Late last year, Twitter announced the introduction of three account tickers: blue, gold and grey. Gold ticks are given to company accounts, grey to government organisations and blue to individuals. After the scandals and hype, the social network began charging $8 per month for the blue tick. Now it is the turn to pay for golden ticks.

Here's What It Costs

The Information has obtained internal emails sent by Twitter's product managers to some companies. They say that brands will have to pay $1,000 a month or lose their golden tick. But when that will happen - the managers don't specify.

On top of that, Twitter wants to add an extra $50 a month fee for adding badges to each business-related account. These are often company employee pages.

It seems the paid ticks are just another way new owner Elon Musk is trying to boost revenue and reduce Twitter's $12.5 billion debt. He has already conducted mass layoffs of employees, introduced paid blue ticks and even auctioned off office furniture and other company property after failing to pay rent at several locations, including Twitter's San Francisco headquarters.

Source: The Information, @MattNavarra