Taiwan will develop a powerful Loitering Missile II kamikaze drone with artificial intelligence support

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 26.09.2023, 17:20

Taiwan is working on a new kamikaze drone. For now, it is known as the Loitering Missile II or Loitering Unmanned Aircraft Type 2.

Here's What We Know

The new development is a more powerful variant of the Loitering Unmanned Aircraft Type 1 kamikaze drone, which resembles the US Switchblade 300. The Loitering Missile II will be launched from different platforms.

The new kamikaze drone will be equipped with folding wings. An important feature will be the ability to cancel the mission. The operator will be able to abort the attack, but it is unclear how the drone will return. Some similar solutions use a parachute system for landing.

Carriers of the Loitering Missile II will include ships, cars, aircraft and large drones. This means that the new kamikaze drone will be launched from land, air and sea. Compared to the Type 1, the power will be increased by 10 times.

The characteristics of the Loitering Missile II are not yet specified. In addition to the fact that it will be much more powerful than its predecessor, it is only known about the use of artificial intelligence algorithms. At the same time, the operator can activate manual control if the AI chooses an unsuitable target for attack.

As for the Loitering Unmanned Aircraft Type 1, it has a range of 10 kilometres. When reaching a target, the kamikaze drone can hover over it, waiting for the moment to attack. The maximum barrage time is 15 minutes.

Source: scmp