The Bushmaster electric armored car is unveiled

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 11.08.2022, 16:57
The Bushmaster electric armored car is unveiled

The Chief of Army Symposium 2022 event in Australia unveiled a prototype of the Bushmaster armored vehicle with an electric motor.

What we know

The new Bushmaster is quieter than its counterparts with internal combustion engines. The power plant is located under the hood. There is no information about the technical characteristics of the vehicle yet.

We should remind you that Bushmaster armored vehicles are already in use in Ukraine. Naturally, they do not have an electric motor. In early July, it became known that Australia had transferred 20 Bushmaster vehicles and 12 M113 armored personnel carriers to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of a $6 million military assistance package.

Source: Defence Blog

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