The Chinese Navy has tested the world's most powerful Gauss cannon - the electromagnetic launcher accelerated a 124kg projectile to 700km/h in 0.05 seconds

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 28.08.2023, 18:04

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy has tested the world's most powerful Gauss cannon. The electromagnetic unit is capable of launching projectiles at a very high speed without losing accuracy. Immediately note that the photo above shows an American railgun.

Here's What We Know

Chinese scientists who participated in the project, report that the electromagnetic launcher was able to accelerate a projectile weighing 124 kg to 700 km / h. And this speed was achieved in less than 0.05 seconds.

The test used the heaviest known ammunition for Gauss cannons. At the same time, the Chinese scientists and military have not yet disclosed information about the launch range and other details of the test.

The Gauss cannon is a type of electromagnetic mass accelerator. The barrel is made of dielectric material and is mounted inside a solenoid. When an electric current is applied in the solenoid, it forms an electromagnetic field that accelerates the projectile.

Chinese scientists believe that electromagnetic launchers have a great future. Their advantages over traditional barrel artillery are high speed, low cost and quick training.

China is now working on an even more powerful Gauss cannon. The new electromagnetic launcher is expected to be able to hit targets over 100 kilometres away, accelerating the projectile to 3,600 km/h (almost Mach 3).

Source: scmp