Pentagon authorises delivery of F135 engines for F-35 fighter jets

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 25.02.2023, 16:33
Pentagon authorises delivery of F135 engines for F-35 fighter jets

Pratt & Whitney announced last week that it had Lockheed Martin will be able to resume sales of F-35 Lightning II fighters after Pratt & Whitney fixes problem in F135 engines that had halted deliveries of the F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Lockheed Martin will soon be able to resume deliveries of fifth-generation fighters.

Here's What We Know

The United States Department of Defense has allowed Pratt & Whitney to resume supplies of F135 engines two months after the halt. Engineers were able to fix a fuel supply problem caused by vibration.

The United States government is now working to provide instructions to Lockheed Martin to ensure that the affected aircraft and new production fighters can safely resume flight. The F-35 Lightning II is expected to be able to take to the skies in one to two weeks.

Most of the fifth-generation planes are being assembled at a plant in Texas. Before the fighters are shipped to the military, Lockheed Martin is conducting test flights. In one of these, the F-35B has fallen on the runway. It happened on December 15, 2022.

Since then, deliveries of F135 engines and Lightning II aircraft have been discontinued. However, production has continued. As of 10 February 2023, 17 F-35 fighters were awaiting acceptance flights.

Source: Defence News