Logitech Widens the Master Series With MX Mechanical Keyboards And MX Master 3S Mouse

By: Michael Korgs | 24.05.2022, 23:37
Logitech Widens the Master Series With MX Mechanical Keyboards And MX Master 3S Mouse

Logitech has been a leader in the industry for years, and their new MX series will be no exception. The company's low-profile wireless mechanical keyboards offer comfortable typing with effortless movement thanks to its famous chiclet design that many creators love so much! And while you're still getting all of these great features from Logiits' mice as well--such as customizable buttons or an ergonomic shape! Their latest addition might just take top spot: the MX Master 3S mouse which comes with Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4 GHz wireless dongle for wireless connection.

What can Logitech MX new keyboards to offer?

The new Logitech MX mechanical and 65% keyboards are designed for developers who also enjoy gaming. Keyboards come with include brown, blue, and red mechanical switches. The company says these "tactile quiet" brown switches make it one of their most noise-free offerings to date, with six backlight options available as well including automatic brightness adjustment based on your surroundings - no more fumbling through buttons or trying figure out how long ago you last changed the screen's settings! The models are said to offer 15 days on a single charge with backlight. While lasting up to 10 months with the backlight off.

What's new in MX Master 3S mouse?

The Logitech MX Master 3S mouse is an improvement over its predecessor in almost every way. Not only does it have twice the precision with a higher 8000 dpi resolution optical sensor for high resolution displays, but they've also reduced clicks by up to 90% so you can enjoy silent clicking without any distracting noise.

The Logi options+ software allows you to customize settings for every device, assign profiles and adjust lighting on the precision mouse. It also features encrypted exchange between host (mouse) & receiver devices with Bluetooth LE technology that offers great productivity benefits over traditional cables! The MX mechanical keyboard is priced at $169 whereas there mini version will be available at just 149$. The MX Master 3S is priced at $99. All three devices are available as of May 2022 on Logitech's website and other offline retailers as well as through online retail stores globally.

Source: www.slashgear.com