Media: artificial intelligence made a mistake when recognizing the occupier from a Polaroid photo from Irpin

By: Elena Shcherban | 28.05.2022, 20:58
Media: artificial intelligence made a mistake when recognizing the occupier from a Polaroid photo from Irpin

Recently we wrote about a resident of Irpen, who, after the Russian invaders, found a photo of a military man taken with a Polaroid in her looted apartment. Apparently, the marauder did not understand how the technique works, and left his picture in the apartment. After that, the artificial intelligence of the Ministry of Digital Development identified the military man in the photo. But several publications at once write that he was mistaken.

Who is he?

Important Stories and the InformNapalm community write that the picture is not 26-year-old Nikita Tretyakov from Rostov-on-Don. They agreed that this is 25-year-old Pavel Pilantov, a native of the city of Kandalaksha (Murmansk region).

“The InformNapalm international intelligence community does not have artificial intelligence, but has many years of experience in OSINT and facial recognition of Russian military personnel. Our volunteers doubted the similarity between the face in the photo from Irpin and the face of the "identified" Tretyakov, and decided to conduct their own investigation. Its result refutes the version of the Ministry of Digital Development,” writes InformNapalm.

"Important stories" note that they have several weighty arguments that it was Pavel Pilantov who visited the apartment in Irpin:

1. Despite the physiognomic resemblance to the photo determined by neural networks, Tretyakov has bright eyes. This can be seen in one of the photos preserved in the archive (after the erroneous "exposure" Tretyakov deleted his page). In the picture, the soldier's eyes are dark, just like Pilantov's.

2. Tretyakov continued to maintain social networks during the war - this is not typical for the fighters participating in the "special operation", who remained without communication for a long time. Pilantov, for example, has not appeared on VKontakte since April 12

3. On May 3, Tretyakov was definitely present in his homeland in the Perm Territory - he made a mural in memory of a friend who died of cancer and fried barbecue.

4. Tretyakov's sister, who was reached by journalists, said that her brother had not served in the army for several years and had not left Russia at all this year.

“It is interesting that in the database of the Russian bailiff service you can find a lot of enforcement proceedings against Pavel Pilantov, both in his native Novgorod region and in Pskov, where he serves. Apparently, this unfortunate paratrooper took the war with Ukraine as an opportunity to improve his financial situation at the same time,” InformNapalm notes.

By the way, in recent years Pilantov lives in Pskov and serves in the 104th Guards Airborne Assault Regiment (military unit 32515). The 104th and 234th air assault regiments stationed in Pskov (military unit 32515 and military unit 74268, respectively) were engaged in cleaning up Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel - both the press and the Ukrainian authorities repeatedly reported this.

Source: Important Stories, InformNapalm