Here's How Ukrainian Su-25s Destroy Rashist Positions (video)

By: Myroslav Trinko | 08.06.2022, 13:53
Here's How Ukrainian Su-25s Destroy Rashist Positions (video)

Another video with work appeared on the Internet Ukrainian aviation.

What is known

The video was published by the Turn Back Alive Foundation. It shows how the pilots of the 16th separate brigade of the Ukrainian army aviation on the Su-25 destroy the positions of the Rashists. This whole process was recorded on the camera of the APU drone.

For those who are not in the know

Su-25 is single armored attack aircraft, designed to provide air support in the combat zone day and night with visual visibility of the target. The object of destruction of the Su-25 can be ground and surface targets, as well as helicopters and transport aircraft. The Su-25 first entered service in 1981. Since then it has received many modifications.

Source: Turn around live

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