Valve destroys Steam Deck and crushes vortigonta to show why Steam cards are needed

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 22.06.2022, 17:51
Valve destroys Steam Deck and crushes vortigonta to show why Steam cards are needed

Valve suddenly decided to explain why you need cards in Steam and released a training video. Very cruel educational video with wild humor: everything that got there is crushed, destroyed, burned and smashed. 

The victims of the video were: 

  • Steam Controller 
  • Plasticine vortigont 
  • Valce Index together with controllers 
  • Figures from Dota 2 
  • Piggy bank 
  • Steam Deck 
  • Plasticine dwarf Chomsky with the voice of a scientist from the first Half-life 

Loss Valve Index and Steam Deck accompanied by the inscription: None working Index or Deck were not harmed while shooting this video. " And here at Steam Controller there was no such inscription. Did they really throw a working controller into the blender !?

Starring in the video - SirActionSlacks, a popular presenter and interviewer in the community Dota 2. In comments on YouTube, he shared his impressions of the shooting. 

"It was great to break these non-working pieces of iron because THEY FELL US and could not be delivered to gamers around the world. Let the other iron look at its fallen brothers and remember the price of weakness!"

All the video was for is to remind you: the card Steam fall out just during the game. Cards can be exchanged or sold. If you assemble a complete set, the cards will allow you to combine - then you will have a badge and cosmetics for the profile on Steam, as well as increase the level - it depends on some social features such as the maximum number of friends. 

Perhaps the video is dedicated to the start of the summer sale Steam - It will start tomorrow, June 23, at 19:00 in Kyiv. There will be special, mysterious cards, from which you can form a special icon.