Google Pixel Buds Pro will seamlessly switch between Android devices

By: Michael Korgs | 22.07.2022, 16:20
Google Pixel Buds Pro will seamlessly switch between Android devices

The Pixel Buds Pro, Google's most advanced and sophisticated wireless earbuds yet, won't be available on retail shelves for another seven days. However, the company has stated that its Android software is already prepared to take advantage of one of the earbud's most useful new functions: the Pixel Buds Pro will automatically switch between devices without requiring any settings changes.

Google's top earphones will be able to do the same across Android devices, much like the AirPods can move between Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac) depending on which one you're using.

“Our audio switching technology builds on top of Fast Pair to take contextual information about what you're listening to and use it to switch the audio based on your actions,” wrote Google's Angela Hsiao in a blog post. “We've added new categories that rank how sounds should be prioritized between phone calls, media, and all of your device's other noises.” Simply holding earbuds near your phone during setup activates Fast Pair, which links them automatically to your device (and Google account).

Google may be attempting to prevent similar consumer complaints by making it simple to move the audio back to the first device. “With all of Android, you have complete control over the experience with a notification that appears allowing you change the music back to the original device you were listening on in a single click,” Hsiao added.

The Pixel Buds Pro can switch between two audio sources without being connected to a Bluetooth device. Switching is necessary with Bluetooth multiopoint earbuds and headphones, which allow you to connect to two different audio sources at the same time. Audio switching appears to be Google's hope in assisting earbuds in better recognizing the audio you want to hear when using many Android devices, at any rate.

After the Pixel Buds Pro, there will be a slew of other Bluetooth headphones with built-in noise cancellation and audio switching. Google claims that the functionality will soon be available on certain Sony and JBL headphones.

Google has announced that the other major software feature for the Pixel Buds Pro, head-tracking 3D audio, will be delivered via a software update later this year.