End-to-end encryption is now available with Zoom's cloud phone service

By: Michael Korgs | 22.07.2022, 18:02
End-to-end encryption is now available with Zoom's cloud phone service

Zoom is using end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to strengthen its privacy and security measures. The first service to get E2EE support is Zoom Phone, the company's cloud phone system. During one-on-one conversations, users of this service will be able to use E2EE. E2EE will ensure that calls are secure by generating cryptographic keys that only the calling and receiving devices can access when it's on. You'll be able to tell if E2EE is enabled by sharing a security code with the person you're talking with.

At the time of publishing, it's only feasible to enable E2EE on Zoom Phone for calls between users on the same company Zoom account. They'll need to be using the Zoom Phone desktop or mobile app and deselecting automatic call recording. Before their customers can use it on conversations, account owners or admins must enable E2EE through a web portal.

E2EE will also be implemented in breakout rooms, which are smaller gatherings that split off from group meetings. Each breakout room will have its own encryption key. Account owners or administrators must enable E2EE for their users again.

Zoom began rolling out E2EE for meetings in October 2020, a few months after the company took off amid the COVID-19 epidemic and a growing trend of uninvited guests "zoombombing" calls emerged. Zoom initially intended to restrict E2EE to premium accounts, but it gave in after pressure and made it available to everyone.

Source: www.engadget.com