Sony is starting to test 1440p resolution support for its PlayStation 5

By: Michael Korgs | 28.07.2022, 12:52
Sony is starting to test 1440p resolution support for its PlayStation 5

A highly-anticipated feature, 1440p resolution functionality is being tested by Sony for its PlayStation 5 gaming console. Today's beta of PS5 system software includes support for 1440p, curated game lists based on one's library, and new social features.

The PlayStation 5 may output video at up to 1440p resolution on compatible TVs and monitors. If games support 1440p, native 1440p output will be available, but 4K games will benefit from supersampling down to the lower resolution for better anti-aliasing.

Owners of the PS5 beta software will be able to verify if their HDMI-connected display accepts 1440p in the screen and video menu of the PS5 dashboard. Sony adds that Variable Refresh Rate won't function at 1440p, and it will only function at 1080p and 4K on the PS5.

The PS5's most recent software upgrade also includes gamelists, which are intended to make game management easier. From the core game library, you may create gamelists with a capacity of up to 100 games. There are a total of 15 gameliststhese include discs, digital titles, and streaming content. They're essentially folders that can contain multiple games.

Sony is also adding new social features, such as a request feature that allows you to invite your friends to start sharing their screens and notifications when you join a party so you can know when it's OK to join a friend's ongoing game. You'll be able to send stickers and voice messages in parties, and it will be simple to compare 3D audio and regular stereo before selecting your preferred setting.

Today, Sony is testing the new PS5 software with beta testers, and it will most likely be released to all PS5 users in the months ahead.