MetaFish introduced a computer case with an aquarium for fish

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 04.08.2022, 23:46
MetaFish introduced a computer case with an aquarium for fish

The Chinese company MetaFish has released an unusual PC case. It is called Y2 Fish Tank Chassis, and the main feature is an integrated aquarium.

What is known

Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is a computer case format Micro-ATX. The components are installed in the lower part, and the aquarium is located on top. The dimensions of the new product are 370 x 250 x 290 mm. The housing has a volume of 27 liters, of which almost half (13 liters) is used for the aquarium.

The fish can be illuminated and controlled with the remote control. The compartment for computer components has its own lighting, but they are not synchronized with each other. The manufacturer does not say a word about how the presence of the aquarium affects the cooling of the system. There is also no information about how the heating of the chassis affects the water temperature.

The Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is priced at $75. Inside the chassis there is enough space for two 90mm fans, a graphics card up to 220mm long, a 1U or FlexATX power supply and a 2.5" drive. The maximum allowable CPU cooler height is 90mm.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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