A big advertisement for Game Pass: Microsoft releases new version of Xbox Home screen

By: Dmitro Koval | 31.10.2022, 21:30
A big advertisement for Game Pass: Microsoft releases new version of Xbox Home screen

Microsoft is currently working on a new look for the Xbox screen. The other day it published a new version, which looks like a giant advertisement for their subscription service Game Pass.

What is known

At the beginning of September, Microsoft announced that it was starting a series of experiments with the home screen of Xbox consoles to offer users the "best gaming experience", it seems that this time the current version of the company did not succeed.

This week, journalists of The Verge managed to try the latest version of Xbox Home. And despite some improvements, the screen looks like a giant advertisement for Xbox Game Pass.

Now the main interface enlarges the icon of the last running program on the console or shows six tiles of the same size in the top line, where new programs and games are now displayed. Journalists also noted that the company took away the icons "Settings" and Microsoft Store, which can be accessed from other menus.

Most users have been demanding a less cluttered interface from the company, but the current version does not showcase the dynamic backgrounds or wallpapers that are available on the console. HOWEVER, there is some good news: from now on, only two tiles are reserved for advertising, but if you scroll down a bit, you will see how your home screen will turn into an Xbox Game Pass ad with offers and promotions.

The area below the home screen has a section of recently added games to Xbox Game Pass. And it seems like a nice addition for Game Pass users, but if you scroll further down, it becomes clear that each section is just an extension of Game Pass or the Microsoft Store that encourages you to download or buy games. This could be a great idea for new Xbox users to familiarize them with the features and services of the console, but not for old ones, and there is no way to customize it.

With all that said, it's too early to panic: this is only an early version of the interface, so there will be many more changes in the future and we hope that the company listens to its users.

Source: The Verge

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