Mutalk introduced a muzzle microphone?

By: Dmitro Koval | 14.01.2023, 13:07
Mutalk introduced a muzzle microphone?

The recently held CES 2023 tech show in Las Vegas featured a lot of weird and not-so-weird devices, but some of them look a little too weird. Like the Mutalk wireless microphone in the form of a... muzzle?

Here's What We Know

Mutalk is a wireless microphone from Shiftall. According to the developer, this design is necessary to ensure that people around you do not hear what you are talking about, as well as to reduce the amount of noise during the conversation. The device uses a technique called the Helmholtz resonator principle, which can muffle sound to about -30 decibels, which is probably the same as shouting into a pillow.

The microphone also has a moisture-absorbing pad "that accepts saliva and splashes", as well as a 3.5mm Mini Jack so you can plug in a smartphone or tablet.

The Mutalk will be available for $200 in the US only later this year, but people's views will be free.

Source: PC Gamer