More information: Google improved search engine

By: Elena Shcherban | 07.12.2017, 07:11
More information: Google improved search engine

Google has added some more useful features to   its search service, and   now users will receive more interesting information on   your request.


What's added

The "Knowledge Bar» (Knowledge Panel) displays more information related to   request. For example, if you   looking for information on   Mountain skiing, the search engine in passing will offer to read and   about   other winter sports.

Similar to the " Knowledge Bar " work and   additional search offers. The system will analyze your previous requests, and   If you   often interested in a single sphere   - you will be offered to " dig deeper " . For example, if you   and   previously looking for publications about   football clubs   - the search engine will display additional information about the   trainers and   players.


Third Update   - featured snippets   - works when searching for images. His goal is clear and   simple   - even more pictures related to   your request.

Source: Google