Facebook launched messenger for children Messenger Kids

By: Elena Shcherban | 04.12.2017, 18:46
Facebook launched messenger for children Messenger Kids

Facebook Company released a child messenger version   - an application called Messenger Kids. It is designed for children ages   13 years old, who will be able to   using the application to communicate with   friends and   relatives.

How it works

Register on   Messenger Kids is only available through the account of one of the   parents, because the policy of Facebook prohibits the creation of children's pages. Mom or dad of a young user needs to download the application on   smartphone or tablet of your child and   confirm page with   using your account in   Facebook.

" Soft " control

AT   The companies say that with   With the help of Messenger Kids parents will be able to carry out " soft " control over   your child. Their   child is not   can add friends himself   - it will only take place with   consent of the mother or father. Also, parents will see all correspondence and   full list of people with   which communicates with the child.

The children's page can not be found with   using the usual search engine: that children could make friends, their   parents will have to find   each other and   approve the communication of small users.

What is special

The main difference between the child version of the messenger and   adult   - lack of advertising. The interface application is more cartoony: the buttons are larger, and   color spectrum   - brighter and   more saturated.

To the child it was more fun to communicate in   video chats, in   Messenger Kids have fun stickers, filters and   gypsum. For example, talking with   grandmother, the grandson can " finish " her   glasses or even the head of a dinosaur.

Where works

While Messenger Kids is only available on   iOS and   just on   territory of the USA. Before   The end of the year should be   for Android.

Source: Engadget