The GoPro camera overcame more than 560 km from Britain to Germany

By: Elena Shcherban | 03.12.2017, 11:10
The GoPro camera overcame more than 560 km from Britain to Germany

On   beach of the German reserve Süderöög waves carried a waterproof GoPro camera in   protective cover. " Traveler " went to   independent swimming and   overcame the distance from   Britain before   Germany.

What happened

Judging by   video from   camera, which   The employees of the reserve laid out the   early September, GoPro forgot on   beach boy is 10 - 12 years old.   washed away by a wave   - and   the camera began its " swim " . After a month of wandering, she got to   Züderöög on the   one of the   islands in   The North Sea.

Employees of the Maritime Search and Rescue Association of Germany handed over a recording to colleagues from   Britain, and   those   learned the " homeland " of the camera   - Cliffborough rocks on   Cape Tornwick in   eastern part of Yorkshire. From here to   Germany in   a straight line of about 560 kilometers.

Will be   there a reunion?

Participants in this whole story hope that the small owner of GoPro learns himself on   recording and   will return the " loss " . " We   hope that the boy will be reunited with   his camera to   Christmas   - it will be a happy ending "   " Said Helger Spreeer, who works to protect the coastal areas of the island of Süderöog.   But   until the search is unsuccessful.

Source: The Guardian