In Facebook Messenger "resurrect" Angry Birds and Sonic Jump

By: Elena Shcherban | 10.12.2017, 17:43
In Facebook Messenger "resurrect" Angry Birds and Sonic Jump

AT   In the near future, Facebook plans to update the collection of " Instant Games " in   his messenger. In addition to tetris, there will be loved, but   forgotten games Angry Birds, Sonic Jump and   Disney Tsum Tsum.


Plots of games will remain the same, but   Facebook will make its own adjustments. For example, users can target birds and   knock down pigs, broadcasting the " battle " in   live broadcast. Also on   a duel it will be possible to invite the friend and   share their gaming accomplishments with   wall.

In addition, Facebook will begin to test video chat: this function will be the first to get the puzzle Words with Friends.


New games in   Facebook Messenger promise to add to   end of 2017   - the beginning of 2018. AT   which countries will they be available   - is still unknown.


Recall, in order to play and   pass the time in   waiting for a message, not   you need to download individual applications. Now the function is available for users in   30 countries.

Source: Polygon