Donald Trump sends American astronauts to the moon

By: Pavel Chuikin | 12.12.2017, 13:22
Donald Trump sends American astronauts to the moon

At a regular meeting in the White House, US President Donald Trump signed the Space Policy Directive. Judging by her data, all the power of NASA will now be sent to send American astronauts not to Mars, but to the Moon.

New priorities for NASA

Recently, most of the NASA projects have explored Mars, sent satellites there and developed a space expedition to the Red Planet. Now, US astronauts and scientists must prepare for another conquest of the moon and work on it in the future. Perhaps the first American colony will appear on the Earth's satellite, and not on a distant red planet.

Lunar Trump

Prior to the current US president, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were returning to the development of the moon, but they did not get money for this. Barack Obama officially sent the views of NASA scientists to Mars, and now Donald Trump, or perhaps for the sake of harm, or maybe because of further prospects, officially returned to the nearest plans of the American Space Agency flights to the moon and its deep development.

Source: TheVerge