The first smart-speaker Samsung will cost $ 200

By: Bohdan Chub | 15.12.2017, 11:36
The first smart-speaker Samsung will cost $ 200

The head of Samsung's mobile business, Dee-Jay Co., back in August confirmed the development of a smart speaker with voice control, but the company does not say anything about the timing of the release. According to Bloomberg, the acoustic release will take place in the first half of 2018. Sources of the publication also revealed some details of the project.

What is known?

Of course, Samsung plans to integrate into the smart column the virtual virtual assistant Bixby. The size of the device is between Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod. In prototypes there is no display, but in the upper part there are light indicators. The company tests the samples in matt black design, but the commercial version can come out in several colors.

The novelty will answer questions of the user, and also is able to be synchronized with TVs Samsung and smart phones Galaxy. Insiders have reported support for the smart home management platform SmartThings (a subsidiary that the Korean giant bought in 2014).

According to preliminary data, the price of the Samsung column will be about $ 200. This is more expensive than the compact models Amazon and Google, but smart acoustics will cost less than Apple HomePod ($ 350) or Google Home Max ($ 400).

Source: Bloomberg

For those who want to know more?

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