The virtual reality helmet of Lenovo Explorer is already in Ukraine

By: Alex Chub | 15.12.2017, 16:50
The virtual reality helmet of Lenovo Explorer is already in Ukraine

Microsoft has been developing a platform for the virtual and mixed reality of Windows Mixed Reality for a long time and this year the partner manufacturers have finally started to produce and sell the corresponding first commercial helmets of virtual reality. They finally reached Ukraine, Lenovo, the first company that held a presentation in Kiev and introduced its own Lenovo Explorer helmet, which can be bought from our stores on Monday. For the first time, we saw him at the IFA 2017 in Berlin.


Interest in AR and VR-technologies is growing, as is investment in them. It is expected that by 2020 the amount of investment in VR will be equal to investments in the development of AR-technology and can reach $ 140 million. Content is not so much as we would like, but the quantity and quality is also growing. It is expected that AR and VR will be used in future not only for entertaining, but for work or educational purposes. For example, the virtual training of the future employee, the joint work on some projects in virtual reality. In fact, you can find a large number of applications. "Take off" or "do not take off" - we'll see.


In any case, Lenovo Explorer can already be physically tested and / or bought in Ukraine. The company actively installs demo zones in different shopping centers. Technically, the helmet is equipped with two LCD screens with a resolution of 1440x1440 pixels each. Lenovo claims that this is the best indicator on the market, although not the only one. The viewing angle is 110 °. There is a focal length adjustment from 59 to 67 mm using software. Two cameras are used to track movements and surroundings. Weight - 380 g. There are two controllers that resemble Oculus Touch. Although Lenovo Explorer is compatible with the Xbox gamepad, keyboard and mouse.


To connect to a PC, you need one HDMI and one USB 3.0. For controllers, you need Bluetooth 4.0, so PC owners without built-in Bluetooth will have to get a USB adapter. It is claimed that the initial setup will take 5 minutes, including scanning the workspace (we will soon find out how much time it actually takes to practice it). It can be 3.5x3.5 m (just enough cable for that). You will need to install the update of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709).


Windows Mixed Reality helmets work on a heap of different iron. But it depends on it, what exactly it will be possible to launch: some simple virtual photo gallery, YouTube or play something with good graphics. Below are the minimum and recommended system requirements:


From Monday Lenovo Explorer can be bought for 15 000 UAH. Of course, with the controllers in the kit.