Siri will speak in a whisper

Apple wants to teach the virtual assistant to recognize the requests, whispered, and respond in the same quiet voice

Siri will speak in a whisper

Apple plans to improve its virtual assistant Siri and   teach her   hear and   speak in a whisper.

As it turned out, the company patented this development as early as   last year, but   the document itself was published only now. According to the patent, the device will measure amplitude and   frequency characteristics of an audio input to determine whispers   the user. If he   says quietly   - Siri will also answer in a whisper.


AT   Apple is confident that such a feature will be useful in   library or office, and   also for those who do not   wants the attention of strangers. Now the voice assistants either do not recognize the whisper, or at all   he does not   react.

Source: Gizmodo