Xiaomi and Huawei are trying to press the iPhone and Galaxy in the US

By: Vitali Bondar | 17.12.2017, 00:51
Xiaomi and Huawei are trying to press the iPhone and Galaxy in the US

According to Bloomberg sources, Huawei and Xiaomi are allegedly in talks with the largest US mobile operators AT & T and Verizon to sell their top-end devices to Americans as early as 2018.

And here operators of communication and Apple

The mobile phone market in the US is "carrier". This means that Americans buy smartphones mainly from mobile operators (AT & T and Verizon), together with the conclusion or extension of the contract for communication services. Apple, the leading manufacturer of smartphones in the US, was in fact actually isolated from the competition in the past, thanks to strong support from operators who subsidized their customers to purchase an iPhone. Now iPhone in the US are sold, in fact, in a two-year installments - no more subsidies. And at that moment, as in a good drama, new characters should appear on the stage.

Plan Xiaomi and Huawei to seize America

At a price of about $ 1000 for an iPhone or a top-end Galaxy, Chinese manufacturers have something to offer to the American consumer, but for this you must first negotiate with AT & T and Verizon. And Americans are eager to work with other players, including Chinese players: Verizon sells Google Pixel 2, another operator, Sprint offers Essential Phone Andy Rubin, AT & T - ZTE Axon M.

According to Bloomberg, representatives of the above-mentioned companies declined to comment.

Based on materials from Bloomberg