Google closes the Augmented Reality Project Tango

The company will stop supporting the project of 3D modeling of Tango space in a few months

Google closes the Augmented Reality Project Tango

Google decided to close its AR project Tango. The decision is made finally   - 1   March 2018, the project will cease to exist.

What is Tango

The Tango system was   2014 year. AT   Within the framework of the project, a 3D space modeling system was created, then   there is a   Tango smartphones and   tablets can form a detailed three-dimensional map of space and   update it in   real-time mode. For example, an application can specify the desired route in the   store or move you to   video game where you are   will move so   same as   at   real world.

However, for Tango you need cameras with   special sensors, so with   support of this platform for   all the time   There were only two devices left: Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and   Asus ZenFone AR.


AT   This year, Google embodied the development of Tango in   AR-platform ARCore. The application does not   requires special equipment and   uses a camera and   motion sensors. The system tracks the movement of objects, analyzes horizontal planes, the availability of light sources and   their   direction and   captures virtual objects in   real time.

Therefore, Google does not   terminate the development related to   augmented by reality. " Thank you to our incredible community of developers who have made progress in   Tango for   the last three years. we   from   We look forward to continuing our   ARCore » ,   - it says in   Twitter Tango.