Samsung will present Galaxy S9 and S9 + at the MWC exhibition on February 26 - sources

If you believe the sources, Samsung's flagships will still be shown in   The first day of the exhibition MWC 2018 in   Barcelona

Samsung will present Galaxy S9 and S9 + at the MWC exhibition on February 26 - sources

The sources of Bloomberg confirm the earlier rumors about   That Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S9 and   S9 + on   exhibition MWC 2018, which will be held in   Barcelona with   26 February for   1   Martha.

When to expect

By   information sources, new items are presented in   the first day of the exhibition   - 26 February. Given the features of time zones, in   Europe will be on February 26, and   at   Korea   - The 27th . As we see, in   The companies decided to abandon   old traditions and   submit flagships earlier than usual and   not   on   a separate event (in   last year Galaxy S8 and   S8 + debuted in the   end of March at   personal exhibition in   New York ).

It is expected that   market of new items will arrive immediately on   completion of the exhibition in   Barcelona   - 1   Martha. Improved versions will be released in   Korea in a couple of weeks.

What is inside and   outside

According to earlier leaks, the flagship display occupies almost the entire front area of ​​the device, and the fingerprint scanner is located under the main camera . By   rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and   S9 + will be equipped with Super AMOLED-screens , 4 or 6 gigabytes of operational and   64 or 128 gigabytes of built-in flash memory . Devices on   Some time will be the exclusive carriers of Snapdragon 845, but   only in   USA. AT   other countries, the new models will be equipped with proprietary 10-nanometer Exynos 9810.

Source: Bloomberg