New Year's Bot-Frost Viber will help to congratulate friends

By: Bohdan Chub | 18.12.2017, 16:34
New Year's Bot-Frost Viber will help to congratulate friends

Anticipating the flow of boring postcards from the Internet, the Viber team launched a special chat-bot, with which you can create an original New Year's greeting for friends and relatives in just a few minutes.

How it works?

Bot-Frost works in the chat of the official public "Team Viber", available through this link or through a general search. Users can create a virtual Christmas tree and invite friends to follow them to help them decorate it with New Year's toys. With postcards still easier. It is enough to choose a static or animated frame, upload your photo and add your signature (not necessarily). The messenger in a few seconds will collect from this greeting card. If necessary, the picture or frame can be replaced.

In 2017, Viber added the function of changing the number with the retention of the account, launched secret chat rooms and worked a little on group chats. The company continues to struggle with spam mailings from unknown numbers, although reports of official company accounts sometimes irritate no less.