Meizu will sell 20 million smartphones in 2017

By: Bohdan Chub | 18.12.2017, 20:57
Meizu will sell 20 million smartphones in 2017

This year Meizu reduced the model number of smartphones by almost half, and although it became easier for users to understand the rulers, the decision to leave only one flagship announcement played a cruel joke with the company. Sales of Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus fell short of expectations, and annual shipments of devices will be about 20 million compared to 22 million in 2016.

Not everything is so bad

According to Meizu Vice President and head of the Blue Charm division of Li Nan, the company remains profitable. The revenue from sales of smartphones will be about 20 billion yuan, which is equivalent to 3 billion dollars. The average cost of the device is about $ 150, since the lion's share of supplies falls on inexpensive state employees. By the way, after the recent decline in prices, the demand for Meizu M6 Note in Chinese online mpgaines grew by 1000%.

The company adds that the current generation of flagships is sold much better than the Meizu Pro 6 Plus, although the comparison is not the best - in last year's lineup there were two more top models, as well as a device above the average Meizu MX6.

As expected, next year we will see the first Meizu smartphones with frameless design , with almost all the device manufacturers will work on Snapdragon chips .