Twitter blocks accounts for hate and violence

By: Elena Shcherban | 18.12.2017, 23:21
Twitter blocks accounts for hate and violence

FROM   Today, Twitter has tightened the rules for using the service and   started an active struggle against   inciting hatred in   on   racial, sexual, national or political grounds. First of all, it concerns neo-Nazi and   right-wing content.

From now on, accounts whose users are calling for   violence and   place the content on   the superiority of some   inferiority   others will be blocked. also in   The " blacklist " will be people who join the   groups and   organizations that promote or support violence in   certain groups of the population.

At the same time, no   only posts with   similar content, but   and   nicknames with   neo-Nazi symbols.

AT   Twitter emphasize that their   the main objective   - make the social network more secure and   peaceful.

Source: The Guardian