Facebook will tell you who posts your photos

The new Photo Review feature will send a notification if someone   friends or unfamiliar users posted a picture with   your participation

Facebook will tell you who posts your photos

Folk wisdom says that   Everyone has a friend who spoils photos. A   if it's you, in   Facebook has announced a new tool for protecting the identity of the user of the Photo Review. is he   help you keep track of your   your participation in   pages of friends or strangers.

How it works

Even if you do not   noted the   snapshot   - Face recognition technology recognizes you and   will report on   new photo. After that, you can mark yourself on   image, ignore the notification, or   to clarify that the   photo is not   you. If   it is not   the most successful shot, for example, in   time of New Year's corporate   - You can ask the author of the snapshot to delete it in a short time, until   remarked the boss or chatty colleagues.

But   function is not   works in   If the photo is protected by privacy settings.

What is it for?

Thus, Facebook is not fighting   only with   " Drunk " photos, but   also   from   identity theft. The   there is if someone puts up on   avatar is your portrait, posing as yourself   another man   - you   you can react and   bring the impostor to   clean water.
If you want, you can turn off Face Recognition   settings.

AT   In the near future, the update will work   all countries. Before   Canada and   EU   it will come a little later.

Source: Facebook