Apple will combine applications for the iPhone and Mac

By: Elena Shcherban | 21.12.2017, 06:39
Apple will combine applications for the iPhone and Mac

Apple is working on a project with   code name Marzipan, which will combine applications for iOS and   macOS into a single platform, according to Bloomberg sources.

Now applications are written separately for the iPhone and   iPad and   separately for Mac, distributed in different stores. Mac App Store, a store for applications for "poppies", has not been updated for a long time. Compared to the App Store for iOS, it is slow, looks obsolete, applications in it are often updated less frequently and are more expensive.

But, perhaps, Apple will allow developers to create universal applications that will work on   all Apple devices. One application, one store - easier to create, easier to distribute products.

The company can present a unified platform for   conference for developers (WWDC) in   June 2018. In this case, this is   will be the largest change in the   software platform with   the time of the first iOS release.

Source: Bloomberg