AI writes Christmas songs, and they are very strange

By: Elena Shcherban | 24.12.2017, 15:45
AI writes Christmas songs, and they are very strange

A programmer from   USA Janelle Shane, who has already experimented with   artificial intelligence, on   This time I decided to experience the neural network with a Christmas theme. AI   composed holiday songs, and   they turned out to be rather strange.

First , the creativity of the neural network is not   has neither   meaning, nor   rhymes. Secondly , with   punctuation matters are even worse. Here are some lines from   these songs:

" There will be cattle around the Christmas tree
Christmas will be special for me. "

« Happy holiday
When snowflakes awaken the world and   will rise upwards
Glorious bears and   donkeys, and   air, sung by angels
AND   Christmas Tree " .

" Santa-child , flash
AND   he   was the sun, and   deer, and   land
The chimney savior he   today. "

AND   on   dessert uncomplicated song of AI   about   Reindeer Rudolf: " Run run Rudolph, run Rudolph, run Rudolf, run Rudolph, run Rudolph, run Rudolph, run Rudolph the newborn King . "

TO   in a word, Janelle Shane, apparently, likes to scoff at artificial intelligence: she already taught him to " glue " girls, invent names for metal bands and   even create your own religion.