Yandex.Browser after Google Chrome will begin to block advertising

FROM   early February in   the browser is no longer   there will be huge ad units, banners or windows that cover the main text, and   videos from   sound.

Yandex.Browser after Google Chrome will begin to block advertising

FROM   The beginning of February Yandex will begin to block in   unfair advertising to your browser. This applies to ad units on   The entire screen, which can be closed only by   expiration of some time, large pop-ups or banners that cover the main content of sites, and   videos with   automatically turn on the sound.

Such advertising is not   exceeds 5% of   of the total, but   precisely because of such banners and   rollers users are installing ad blockers. A   they are no longer   understand what kind of advertising conscientious, and   what   - No, and   block everything.

Site owners will receive notification from   Yandex about   blocking of advertising. Large media and   websites from   this is not   suffer: as studies show, in   Such advertising is mostly used in   " Gray zone " , for example, with   pirated content.

Earlier on   decision to block intrusive advertising in   Chrome was told by representatives of Google. New requirements will also be   February. But, in   Unlike   Google Chrome, in   Yandex. The browser does not   will block almost all advertising on   page though   because of one not   poor-quality banner.

Recall from   May of this year because of the sanctions of Ukrainian Internet providers have been ordered to restrict access to Yandex services and other Russian resources. At the same time Yandex. The browser allows you to access sites from the "black list".

Source: Yandex