A look at the future: LG will show three robots at CES 2018

By: Bohdan Chub | 04.01.2018, 18:42
A look at the future: LG will show three robots at CES 2018

A year ago LG brought its first robotic assistants to Las Vegas, and at CES 2018 the company will present three more robot concepts that will be used in hotels, airports and supermarkets.

First steps

LG talks about three robots, but they look almost identical. Serving Robot is able to replace the waiter - he knows how to carry dishes with drinks to the desired table. Porter Robot will help you carry your baggage to the room, the mechanical doorman also makes it easy to pay for the room, confirm check-in and check-out from the hotel without waiting. In the store Shopping Cart Robot will quickly find everything you need - the user just select the items of interest in the application. The assistant is equipped with a barcode scanner to check the prices of goods, and the top display ("face") displays a shopping list.

While LG is experimenting with prototypes, and future commercial robots will be produced under the CLOi brand. The lineup will also include the "clever" lawnmower LG Lawn Mowing Robot and the cute assistant Hub Robot .

Last year, the company tested its information robot Airport Guide Robot and airport cleaning robot cleaner at Incheon International Airport.

Source: LG