Scientists have come up with a new way to burn fat without diets

By: Eugene Sherban | 09.01.2018, 13:20
Scientists have come up with a new way to burn fat without diets

Researchers from   Texas University say they have found a way to eat a lot and   while losing weight. Their   The experimental drug blocks the metabolism and   accelerates metabolism, allowing you to lose weight much more effectively than with   the use of other fat burners.

The researchers proceeded from   the fact that   people with   excess weight metabolism is slower because of fat cells and   protein NNMT, which slows down the metabolism. AND   here you get a vicious circle   - the more fat, the more NNMT. The more NNMT, the more difficult it is to burn fat.
Therefore, researchers from   The University of Texas decided to simply block the irrepressible protein.

AT   The experiment involved 2 groups of mice. One was given a new drug, another placebo. Both were not fed   the healthiest food. After 10 days, the second group of mice predictably grew stout. A   here in   the first group of mice in   average lost 7% of the   total weight. And, judging by   measurements, it burned white subcutaneous fat.

Now the question is   how an unnamed drug will behave   experiments on   people. AND   will come   whether he   before   store shelves? After all, at   paper he   is different from   most modern fat burners that help lose weight in   time of training, but   did not   help, if not   To go to   gym.

Source: New Atlas