Facebook will release a smart camera with AI for video chat and social networks

By: Elena Shcherban | 11.01.2018, 21:03
Facebook will release a smart camera with AI for video chat and social networks

Sources say that in   This year, the secret unit of Facebook called Building 8 is ready to release the device Portal   - A smart camera for video chats and   social networks, rumors about   which appeared last summer. Presumably, it can compete with smart columns Echo Show from   Amazon.

What is it and   for what it is necessary

Portal is a large screen with   wide-angle camera, microphone and   speakers with   artificial intelligence. is he   will be integrated with   social networks. FROM   You can use the device to communicate by   video chat, watch movies and   series and   listen to music (thanks to the support of streaming services like Netflix and   Spotify), and   You can also manage your accounts (for example, putting on Facebook) with voice commands.

Also, the device will have a face recognition function, through which it will recognize its owner and   will open his account in   Facebook.

What they say

AT   Facebook has not yet   comment on this information, but   Head Building 8 Andrew " Bos " Bosworth said: " Do not   I can comment on the assumptions, but   I confirm that this will be an impressive year for AR / VR. "

While it is not clear, can   whether the Portal become an indispensable gadget in   your collection, or   It will be another thing " it 's unclear why, not   it is known, on   koi ... "You can argue after the official presentation of the device   - a   she, by   sources, will be held on   conference F8 in   beginning of May.

Sales in   The United States should begin   the second half of the year, the estimated cost   - $ 499, which is twice as expensive as   same Echo Show from   Amazon.

Source: Cheddar