Kyivstar: in the New Year Ukrainians sent 10 million fewer SMS

By: Bohdan Chub | 12.01.2018, 12:41
Kyivstar: in the New Year Ukrainians sent 10 million fewer SMS

Ukrainians increasingly prefer to congratulate each other on holidays through the Internet, and SMS messages and calls are losing popularity. Kyivstar reports for the third year in a row on the growth of mobile traffic on New Year's Eve and is preparing for new records after the launch of 4G LTE in our country.

Steady trend

The volume of data transfer in the Kyivstar network for two holidays - December 31 and January 1 - amounted to 1177 terabytes. This is 147% more than last year, and the share of traffic in the operator's 3G network was 90%. In the first hour of the current year, 23% of the total volume fell on social networks, and another 40% - on audio and video streaming.

In total, subscribers made over 434 million calls with a total duration of 1.2 billion minutes, sent 33 million greeting SMS and 355 thousand MMS (who are all these people?). For comparison, the 2017th Ukrainians met with 487 million calls, 43 million text messages and 477 thousand MMS. For the year, the indicators decreased by 12%, 30% and 34%, respectively.

It is interesting that during the Christmas holidays, the use of the mobile Internet of Kyivstar was even greater. From 6 to 7 January 2018, the data traffic reached 1236 TB. Subscribers also made 364 million calls with a total duration of 950 million minutes.

Vodafone and lifecell have not yet reported on the work during the New Year holidays.

And what about LTE?

Presidents of Kyivstar Peter Chernyshov said: "I am happy that our subscribers are using the mobile Internet so actively. I am confident that with the advent of 4G in the 2600 MHz band in March 2018, traffic volumes will become even greater, and the experience of using the Internet from Kyivstar is even better . " Hooray, comrades! True, this range will be used primarily in large cities. Residents of the regions will have to wait for the results of the second tender for frequencies of the 1800th range.