Visa will issue payment cards with a fingerprint scanner

The chip works for   seconds and   recharges directly from   POS-terminals

Visa will issue payment cards with a fingerprint scanner

Visa Inc. started testing payment cards with   popular " chip " of smartphones   - fingerprint scanner. As shown by the survey, this is the way to confirm the identity of customers prefer.

How it works

The print is stored on   the map itself, and   The sensor is activated when the card is inserted into the   POS-terminal . After that, the cardholder can either use the usual way ( PIN-code or signature on   check), or attach a finger so that the scanner " counts " the print. AT   In this case, the chip will check the   core, and   if images match   - the card will " wink " with a green light. All   - transaction processing is enabled. " It's fast and   unnoticed. I recognize the system for   fraction of a second » ,   - the representative of Visa Mark Nelsen assures.

If necessary, the chip can be recharged directly from the   terminal   - no updates to it   ned.

When to expect

While new maps with   scanners test customers of two credit organizations   - Mountain America Credit Union and   Bank of   Cyprus. Will pass   Do they check and   will become   mass   - is still unknown.

TO   word, the main competitor of Visa   - MasterCard is testing a similar system with   April last year.

Source: Visa