Google showed prototypes Pixel 2, PixelBook and Home Mini

The chief designer of Google products showed the first blanks of several devices of the company

Google showed prototypes Pixel 2, PixelBook and Home Mini

Cool to see the prototypes of popular models of smartphones or some gadgets. But manufacturers, usually, do not show their blanks. But it would be interesting to look at how projects evolve from sketches to finished products.


On the Google site in the " The Keyword " section there was an interview with device designer Ivy Ross. She told about the creation of prototypes and showed some interesting photos. Its main task is "to lead the team that creates Google products ... the way they are felt in the hands and interact with the user."


The photos show the different colors and shapes of the cases for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, as well as the design of glass and PixelBook loops. Ivy Ross is proud to have come up with the use of a special fabric in Google Home Mini and in cases for smartphones Pixel. This gives the products simplicity and pleasant tactile sensations.

Source: AndroidPolice