AnTuTu named the most copied smartphones in 2017. Leader - Galaxy S7

By: Bohdan Chub | 22.01.2018, 17:40
AnTuTu named the most copied smartphones in 2017. Leader - Galaxy S7

Developers of the popular AnTuTu benchmark decided to begin summarizing the results of 2017 from the rating of the most copied smartphones, to which the "basement" manufacturers of all stripes were equal.

Samsung in front


In total for the last year in the results of AnTuTu almost 17.5 million fakes have come to light, which makes 2.6% of the total number of devices. Xiaomi, which has long and unsuccessfully struggled with counterfeit, was only in the eighth place in the rating - most often Chinese factories stamped copies of the 2016 Xiaomi Mi 5 model. Korean flagships lead by a large margin: the Galaxy S7 family, taking into account the Edge version and all modifications account for almost 12% of counterfeits. Some manufacturers tried even to wave on the Galaxy S8 with thin frames, but it did not turn out very well.

In the fourth and sixth places - copies of Samsung clamshells based on Android, this was the predecessor of W2018. The fifth line is occupied by iPhone 7 Plus (2.67%), as it is still leading in sales in China due to the high prices for the iPhone 8 and especially the iPhone X. Among the most copied smartphones was OnePlus 3T (2%). The share of each individual model is small, as manufacturers snatch at everything that is now on hearing, and release a whole zoo of clones.

Some statistics


The situation for the brands is predictable: Samsung leads by a wide margin, in second place is Apple (those same iPhone on Android, which no one asked for). Next come the Chinese Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei.


Counterfeits usually use quad-core or eight-core processors. Here AnTuTu did not go into details, but in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the budget chips MediaTek.


High-resolution display users are also pleased not often. In copies usually there are HD-panels, on the second place the format Full HD, and only slightly more than 10% of clones are equipped with QHD-screens.

It is also worth adding that AnTuTu analyzed the data of its tests runs. If the user has never run a benchmark, the smartphone does not fall into the overall statistics.

Source: AnTuTu