Opera added a cryptoaming blocker to the mobile version

By: Elena Shcherban | 22.01.2018, 20:55
Opera added a cryptoaming blocker to the mobile version

Recently Opera became the first browser with   built-in cryptomining blocker , and   today this function was launched and   at   mobile versions   - Opera Mini and   Opera for Android.

How it works

Defence from   of   default goes to   bundled with   ad blocker. You can enable it in   section " Settings " .

Why is it important

By   company estimates that about one billion devices   all over the world are secretly used for mining crypto currency, the code for this is around   three million sites. While their   owners do not have anything   suspect smartphones are overheating due to loaded processors and   quickly discharged.


" Even one web page using a script for mining and   left in   open smartphone, can " eat " up to   four with   half the battery charging time. That's why we   decided to introduce a protection function from   Mining also   at   mobile browsers » ,   - Ian noted   Standhal, vice president for   product marketing.

Also created a site where you can check, use   whether your device is for hidden mining.


The Opera Mini browser is available for download in   App Store and   Google Play, and   Opera for Android   - in   Google Play.

Source: Opera